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Digital School App Is Free

Digital School App Is Free here and It is always good to have a digital platform for educational institutions for many reasons.



Save money on hiring new staff. Use our app’s free job listing feature to search thousands of resumes and contact them directly.


web page for school details

Creating a new website requires hosting, maintenance, domain name and updates. Our app creates a free web-page for your school.


Teach your students online

If you want to give your students some extra classes or you want to teach them in holidays, this is the perfect free app for online classes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Digital School App?

This is an app for schools and academies to teach their students online and hire staff online.

How much is your app price?

It is 100% free and anybody can download it.

Can anyone use the app?

Yes, anyone can use Digital School App for free.

How to use this app?

Just download it from download button and register yourself as a school or student.

How can I create a free web page for my school?

When you register as a school your web page will be created automatically and your school will be listed as digital school on our app and website.

Digital School App (DSA) is a powerful free app for schools and students. Contact Us

Our clients say

“Amazing features and user interface. I like this app from day one because it give me ability to teach my students anytime. I recommend this app to teachers for online teaching.”
malkhan singh
Sukhvider Singh
Online Trainer
“I was trying to build a website for my school but that’s very expensive because we have to purchase hosting every year and then hire a developer to build and maintain the website. DSA is doing that for me without any cost, its great.”
Digital School App 4
School Director
“I use to spend a lot of money on hiring because I had to buy ads on job portals. But after using this app I am now saving so much money for other important improvements in my academy.”
Digital School App 1
Academy Director
“First of all, Its free. Yeah, I like it. When I was searching for an app for online teaching I found DSA on internet but I was amazed that it is not only a better app then others but also it is free forever. That’s so cool.”
Yogesh Rawat
Yogesh Rawat
School Director

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